Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've seen enough hentai to know where THIS is going!

If you are a fan of Memebase, the cheezburger networks or hang out on 4Chan then you are familiar with internet memes. We here at Evil Genius love 'em!

Rage guy, trollface, YU know guy, forever alone, foul bachelor frog (one of my personal faves along with insanity wolf), me gusta, challenge accepted, and so on are a big part of our day.  In homage we - who have a fairly large collection of and love for Cthulhu and all thongs tentacle-y - present our newest t-shirt:

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going, internet meme, tentacles, porn, funny t-shirt

Writhing green Cthulhu-like tentacles with the caption "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going".  Funny t-shirt, fun, hip, and perfect for meme lovers everywhere!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just plain funny t-shirts

Get started now on your Christmas holiday shopping with Evil Genius Tees own funny t-shirts.

Our homor is odd, weird, and downright strange sometimes and we might be just the teeniest bit fond of puns, but check out our funny t-shirts here.

here are a few examples:

Yellow and black warning sign, bad day, stand clear funny t-shirt
Bad day in progress, stand clear joke warning sign funny t-shirt. With diamond shaped yellow sign.

American bison / buffalo, dust and the stampede has been cancelled. Weird humor
Based on a random comment by Mr Evil Genius and brought to a funny t-shirt near you by Mrs Evil Genius; the Stampede has been Cancelled  with American bison / buffalo and cool vector dust cloud. Humorous, weird, and off-beat funny t-shirt.

Sarcastic comment loading, and Evil Genius Tees original, with progress bar. Funny, geeky, nerdy tees
This is one of my very favorite funny tees: Sarcastic comment loading with computer website style progress bar.

So check out our humorous tees; they make great gifts!  Evil Genius Tees' funny t-shirts!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New teacher t-shirts and gifts

School is back in, the back-to-school crush is (hopefully) over and we've added several new teacher t-shirts, teacher tees, teacher mugs, teacher bags and more teacher gifts!  Check it out:

Funny t-shirt You can relax now, teacher is here! science teachers, English teachers, math teachers, social studies teachers, art teachers, P.E. teachers, music teachers, and Spanish teachers
You can relax now, the teacher is here! in red and blue grunge text. This funny teachers t-shirt is available in oodles of colors, sizes, and styles for science teachers, English teachers, math teachers, social studies teachers, art teachers, P.E. teachers, music teachers, and Spanish teachers!

pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college teachers!  You can't scare me, I teach! on traditional slate
Old fashioned slate with chalk writing: You can't scare me, I teach school!  Available in men's and women's sizes, in lots of colors and styles, plus mugs, bags, and more!  We have this design for teachers of  pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college!

Show your favorite teachers how much you appreciate what they do and, as always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed here at Evil Genius Tees!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Steampunk t-shirts and gifts at Evil Genius!

One of the things we dearly love over here at Evil Genius Tees is Steampunk and Dieselpunk.

Steampunk heart, rivets, steam, victoriana, ephemera, vintage, retro
Steampunk heart, rusted riveted steel heart with steam and vintage victoriana ephemera
Steampunk works are usually based on a science fictionfantasy past where steam power is used - often the Victorian era - but with cool technology. Think of the works of Jules Vern and H. G. Wells or the old television show Wild Wild West.

peace, love, steampunk, simple light hearted steampunk design
Peace, love, steampunk - a simple, lighthearted design for fans of steampunk

Dieselpunk is similar but set in a dystopian future (think of Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys or Brazil)

dieselpunk, steampunk tech noir pulp detective magazine sexy dame WWII
Retro 40s era style dieselpunk - sexy tech noir dame straight out of a pulp detective magazine
with robotic arm and Corsair rotary engine behind. Super for World War II fans!

Steampunk, dieselpunk, and cyberpunk gifts are hard to find and often pretty pricey. Our orignal designs on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tiles, and more make super gifts!

So if you love steampunk or dieselpunk as much as we do, then Evil Genius Tees is your place for Steampunk t-shirts and gifts!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vampire t-shirts, bloody good tees!

Any blood-sucker fans out there?  Twilight followers?  Or old school, classic fans of the undeadVampire lovers, one and all!

Evil Genius Tees has plenty of Vampire t-shirts for your every fanged need.

Here are three sexy, artsy vector graphic designs:

Sexy splatter vampire, wild hair, bloody lips, pretty, hot female vampire
Our sexy splatter vampire with wild hair and bloody lips.

Cool blue vampire, bloody kill, beautiful, sexy
Another beautiful, sexy vampiress. Our cool blue vampire just rising from a kill, the blood dripping from her lips.  Gorgeous!

Black and white with blood stained lips, famgs, sexy grunge vampire t-shirt
Our latest offering, this design is monochrome except for bloody red lips that part to reveal vampire fangs!  Vampire mouth, sexy grunge vampire t-shirt.

And we can't forget the fans of the Twilight books and movies:

Twilight books, twilight movie, twilight t-shirts, vampire t-shirts

A nice, dark, moody Twilight vampire design, we think. A lot better than some of the twee, cutesy ones we've seen. Very Evil Genius, doncha think?

Here are all of our creature, cryptid, monster t-shirts at Evil Genius Tees for further perusal. We honor Cthulhu, zombies, El Chupacabra, vampires, werewolves, and more!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two new Paleo, primal, caveman, ancestral diet / lifestyle t-shirts!

If you are a devote of the Paleolithic lifestyle or diet or you like to live primally, like a caveman, like our ancestors, then you'll love these two new tees from Evil Genius:

primal t-shirt, paleo t-shirt, ancestral, caveman, primitive. Live primal.
Live primal. A bold, simple statement and a super gift for any person enjoying the primitive, primal or Paleo lifestyle!

WWGD? What would Grok do? Paleo, primal, ancestral, caveman t-shirt.
I love this shirt. What would Grok do?  Well, he'd eat more fatty meat and move his arse more than we do!
Grok is most Paleo / primal  folks's litmus test for how to live our lives.  Would Grok have worn 6 inch heels?  Would Grok have eaten pizza?  Would Grok have sat on his hairy backside in front of reality TV?
WWGD?  What would GROK do?

Also comes with the cave painting in color on our light t-shirts, on our maternity shirts, and in sizes to fit any caveperson from babies to plus sizes!

Check out all of our whole foods, diet, dieting, healthy lifestyle t-shirts and gifts.

And, of course, ALL of our great tees at Evil Genius Tees.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Silly, funny t-shirts make great gifts!

Funny t-shirts are the best. They make super gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, or Mother's Day.

Here at Evil Genius Tees, we have silly, irreverant, weird, and funny t-shirts and gifts for EVERY holiday!  St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Valentines Day ... you name it.

Here are a few of our general don't-into-any-category funny t-shirts:

sublime funny t-shirt, glass of water and a lime
Silly humorous play on words: Sublime, featuring a glass of water and a lime.  It takes some people a second to get this. Watching their faces is priceless.

The stampede has been cancelled. Western, buffalo, mothers, teachers, funny tee
One of Mr Evil Genius's ideas, this tee featuring a buffalo and cool vector graphic design art 'dust', is captioned The Stampede Has Been Cancelled. Perfect gift for harried moms, and excellent for teachers (Mr EG teaches middle school), this funny tee is also a good gift for anyone who has family or friend who tend to the dramatic.  Settle down, the stampede has been cancelled!  Animal lovers and fans of the wild west like this one, too.

pointless, pencil with two erasers. Funny, silly, play on words.
Another play on words that makes people pause: Pointless and a pencil with two erasers. Great for dress down fridays if you hate your job, endless meetings, and especially good for teens or students of any age with attitude who can't understand why they're wasting their time with this course. Hey, perhaps the teacher or professor needs one too!

So, if homorous, funny tees are your thing, then we have the shirt for you here at Evil Genius! Browse our humor section for more funny t-shirts and humorous gifts.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love and strays. In memory of Reg.

Today's post is a sad one but I just have to say it somewhere.

Early this morning, we had to put down one of our six dogs. He had been ill for a while and was suffering. It's a very very hard thing to do: make that decision, try to weigh the balance of love for the animal -vs- quality of life the animal is leading.

It's done, now, though, and I'm at peace with it, but I'm not doing ANY work going back over memories of this dog.

All of my dogs are strays or throwaways. I did pay (small) amounts of money for some of them, but that was just to wrest them, as puppies, from owners who were taking the entire litter to the pound.  Yes, there are spiteful people in the world who would take a pup to the pound rather than give it to you for free and yes, I'd pay to rescue a puppy from that almost certain death.

So I'm pro-adoption. I'll never own another purebred dog again unless it's a rescue.  I'll never pay money to a 'dog breeder'.  Too many fine animals are dying by the thousands every day.

So, now that I'm down to five dogs will I take in more strays?  You betcha. So long as folks keep buying my T-shirts and I have the money and space to happily keep them, I will.

Won't you consider adopting, rather that paying for that purebred?  Unless you need a dog bred for a certain reason (like a herding dog or a hunting dog) then you can find ANY trait you want at your local animal shelter.  Go by and see before you buy a purebred.  Just go by.

This post is In Memory of Reggie.  Here he is, in his youth, promoting handsomely the cause of adoption:

Reggie adopted stray dog of Mrs Evil Genius. Adopt a stray today!

You can help champion the cause of animal adoption with our adopt dog T-shirts and gifts bearing Reggie's image if you'd like. It will help me keep my dogs (and cats and farm animals!) happy and healthy and, of course, allow me to adopt more, LOL!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

El Chupacabra is back!

Funny t-shirt, cryptid, urban legend, monsters, Chupacabra Warning camping t-shirt

El Chupacabra, the mexican goat-sucker has appeared again in the media!  We at Evil Genius Tees are huge fans of the Chupacabra urban legend and have several Chupacabra t-shirts to offer because of it.  Supposedly three of the creatures were found outside the ranch of Phylis Canion in Cuero, TX.

Ahh, Chupacabra! Funny chupacabra t-shirt with scared goat hoofprints!

El Chupacabra - literally Spanish for goat sucker - is sometimes described as being leathery or scaly with a ridge of spines or fur along the back, long fangs, and an upright carriage. Some reports even say it hops like a kangaroo.
Funny t-shirt for goatsucker fans El Chupacabra, I believe!
Dogs? Coyotes? Or real Mexican goat suckers? You decide!  In the meantime please check out our funny t-shirts featuring El Chupacabra.  This one, we confess, is our very fave funny Chupacabra tee:
  El Chupacabra, sucking goats so you don't have to! Funny goat sucker t-shirt

(El Chupacabra gives the thumbs up and grins on this great tee! El Chupacabra, sucking goats so you don't have to!  Buy one for yourself here!)

Remember, Evil Genius Tees is your best source for Chupacabra T-shirts, monster stuff, zombie, Cthulhu, werewolves, vampires, and more!  Come visit.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Steampunk superheroes!

ZOMG!  Evil Genius is in loooooooove!

Check out this gallery of amazing steampunk illustrations all gleaned from DeviantART.

Steampunk Batman and Darth Vader!  The most adorable steampunk Spider-Man! Squeee!

Amazing Steampunk Spider-man by JP Johansson on Evil Genius
Steampunk Spider-Man by JP Johansson.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steampunk flash drive

Guy creates a really lovely Steampunk flash drive. Best part is the step-by-step pics of how he did it!!

I obviously need this Dremel!

Victorian / steampunk Star trek Wallpapers!

Eee!  Fabulous victorian / steampunk wallpapers by Rabbittooth. (scroll down)

My fave:

victorian steampunk star trek engineer Scotty by Rabbittooth

How fabulous is THAT?!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Star Wars steampunk!

OK, how cool is this?!  I found these on the Official Star Wars blog.  The writer gets the definition of Steampunk wrong (Jules Vern IS Steampunk and Blade Runner is Cyberpunk) but I'll forgive him/her *wink*.

Steam punk Star Wars characters!  COOL!
"Fan and custom figure creator Sillof has posted some outstanding Star Wars Steampunk figures that make us long for an official line of Victorian EU toys."
Ditto this!  Read the whole post about Sillof's steampunk Star Wars characters and check out the additional pics. Steampunk Darth Vader is fabulous!
Here's a really gorgeous steampunk rendering of Admiral Ackbar:
"Artist Eric Poulton continues his Steampunk Star Wars tribute with this rather endearing portrait of Admiral Ackbar as Captain Ackbar ..."

Friday, July 31, 2009

More Evil Genius Steampunk, yay!

Well, here we are on our new blog, (everybody find a seat and get comfy, drinks will be 'round soon!) where we plan on combining all things artsy-fartsy, crafty, and designy!

Here's our newest passion: steampunk!

Steampunk is the juxtaposition of modern inventions in an earlier time. Think Jules Verne or H. G. Wells.  Remember Wild Wild West? That's steampunk.  I blogged more on steampunk -vs- dieselpunk over on The Thrifty Mom Blog.
Here's our Steampunk Space Gal steampunk t-shirt complete with retro horsewoman, space helmet, raygun, and steam train. Watch gears form the unique backdrop.
Many more styles, colours and products with our steampunk space horse woman here!

And for a bit of a darker look for H. P. lovecraft, Cthulhu , horror fans, our Murder in Dunwich Cthulhu Horror Steampunk with pocket watch, bloody handprint, skull, and coiling green tentacles.

And our newest steampunk effort is our 1940s WWII Noir Pulp Hardboiled Dame Steampunk with her robotic arm.  This glamour gal strikes a pin-up pose against a rotary Corsair engine and various graphic design elements in this Tech Noir pulp magazine cover steampunk homage.

Oodles of shirt styles and colours with the Tech Noir hardboiled dame here!

And if you're an environmentally concious consumer who wants to go green and help protect the earth then check out our newest fullfillment service, Skreened, and their ethically made apparel. Our steampunk dame on the organic t-shirt:

Sexy!  If you don't see the style or color or product that you like at one place, then do click on another. We have many fulfillment services to give you the widest possible variety of items, so go ahead, be choosy!  We would be!