Thursday, June 28, 2007

New t-shirt designs from Evil Genius Comics!

Our new rural themed section is up! Great tees and gifts for anyone loving the country life!
We have mostly goat and sheep designs up (since that's what us Evil Farming Geniuses raise) and so they're perfect gifts for caprine fans and goat lovers everywhere! Goat t-shirts! What could be cooler?
Anyone who has raised goats knows this feeling: eat, sleep, feed goats. Made to look like signs. A great t-shirt for goat breeders, ADGA or ABGA members, anyone who labours with love.

Saanen, Alpine, Oberhasli, Nubian, Sable, Toggenburg, Nigerian? Or maybe Boer, Kiko, Angora, Spanish, Pygmy? No matter what your goat flavour, a true Goat Lady loves 'em all! Proud goat ladies everywhere, unite! Cute pink text on our tees, mugs, and stickers.

Adorably cute variation of our Goat Lady design for pregnant goat ladies. Expecting a kid? Due with a future goat lover? This is the maternity tee for you! Arrows indicate mom (goat lady) and baby bump (kid). CUTE!

Here's one for daddy! Great gift for the spouse of psrtner of a goat person. Muddy hoofprints run across diagonally and the words "Honey, the goats are out!"

And not to forget about the sheep breeders out there! Cute adult t-shirts, baby onesies, toddler tees, and bibs with Little Lamb text and a sweet little white baby sheep.

As always, Evil Genius Comics, t-shirts & gifts has tees, mugs, stickers, buttons, baby onesies, toddler tees, maternity t-shirts, plus size shirts (up to 4x!), bibs, bumperstickers, coasters, an more. Check us out! You need an Evil Genius Tee!