Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love and strays. In memory of Reg.

Today's post is a sad one but I just have to say it somewhere.

Early this morning, we had to put down one of our six dogs. He had been ill for a while and was suffering. It's a very very hard thing to do: make that decision, try to weigh the balance of love for the animal -vs- quality of life the animal is leading.

It's done, now, though, and I'm at peace with it, but I'm not doing ANY work going back over memories of this dog.

All of my dogs are strays or throwaways. I did pay (small) amounts of money for some of them, but that was just to wrest them, as puppies, from owners who were taking the entire litter to the pound.  Yes, there are spiteful people in the world who would take a pup to the pound rather than give it to you for free and yes, I'd pay to rescue a puppy from that almost certain death.

So I'm pro-adoption. I'll never own another purebred dog again unless it's a rescue.  I'll never pay money to a 'dog breeder'.  Too many fine animals are dying by the thousands every day.

So, now that I'm down to five dogs will I take in more strays?  You betcha. So long as folks keep buying my T-shirts and I have the money and space to happily keep them, I will.

Won't you consider adopting, rather that paying for that purebred?  Unless you need a dog bred for a certain reason (like a herding dog or a hunting dog) then you can find ANY trait you want at your local animal shelter.  Go by and see before you buy a purebred.  Just go by.

This post is In Memory of Reggie.  Here he is, in his youth, promoting handsomely the cause of adoption:

Reggie adopted stray dog of Mrs Evil Genius. Adopt a stray today!

You can help champion the cause of animal adoption with our adopt dog T-shirts and gifts bearing Reggie's image if you'd like. It will help me keep my dogs (and cats and farm animals!) happy and healthy and, of course, allow me to adopt more, LOL!

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