Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm a pirate, Arrr!

If you're loving the new PIRATE CRAZE after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean, then have we got some t-shirts for you! These are pirate tees that Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones would love! Now let's hop aboard the Black Pearl and sail:

Well, duh! I'd rather be pillaging! How about you?

Also here in white with our charming Jolly Roger.

Ask yourself. What Would Jack Sparrow Do?

Or Davey Jones in the briney deep?

Both WW_D? designs are available on our Bumper Stickers as well!

Where's that wench with my supper?

Funny, droll pirate design available on our babywear too:

Perfect baby shower gift for anyone breastfeeding!

Another gift for your little Buccaneer: "Arrr. Mommy!"

And also our simple, chraming pirate flag with the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones.

More pirate designs uploaded DAILY! Check back often!

Evil Genius Comics Pirate Shop

Evil Genius Comics T-shirts & Gifts


We'd also like to present our newest line of babywear:

Fun and Educational onesies, toddler tees, and kid's tees!

Zebra Runs in adorable script with our charming zebra cartoon scampering above. Cute baby shower gift or unique present for any baby whose name starts with 'Z'.

Dinosaur Stomps in fancy script under a sweet green Stegasaurus. Perfect for a dino-crazy kid, or any child whose name begins with 'D'!

I originally designed these for my own children (thus the 'Z' and 'D' designs being the first - those are the initials of my two oldest) and plan to do the whole alphabet!

Please check in often as we'll have new onesies, tees, and bibs up WEEKLY!

Fun and Educational Babywear at Evil Genius Comics T-shirts & Gifts

Evil Genius Comics Pirate Shop

Evil Genius Comics T-shirts & Gifts

Friday, July 7, 2006

New shirts in the store! July 7th

Welcome to the July 7th update here at Evil Genius Comics -T-shirts & Gifts!

We have a whole new line of babywear featuring this guy:

Our Rude Li'l Dude! He has an attitude and he knows how to use it! By the way, this is a redesign of our most popular product: our original, famous "Don't give my mommy any dumb advice, she's doing just fine!" design. Old, classic design here.

We have bibs, onesies, toddler tees in every Rude Li'l Dude design!

"It's not gas. I just want you to go away!" The baby had 'tude!

"If you're not here to change my diaper, then you're wasting my time!"

"Why you all up in my grill?" Perfect for those strangers who shove their faces into your baby's face at the grocery store!

"You don't have my boobies!" Great for all breastfeeder mom, mommy, mothers or anyone who's pro breastfeeding. Your La Leche League lactation consultant will LOVE it!


And now for some sassy, snarky tees for women. Pregnancy tees, adoption tees, infertility tees!

Our new NO THANKS tees: Each features the international symbol of the red circle with the line through it:

No fertility advice!

"EPO, green tea, hips elevated, just relax. Got it. Thanks." A tongue in cheek response to all the stupid advice.

No Adoption Horror stories!

"I've met my quota of them, thanks" Perfect gift for adopting parents who've heard every idiot story out there mostly from folks who have never adopted!

No Delivery Horror Stories!

"I've met my quota for this pregnancy, thanks!"
What posseses women to relate horrible, bloody, worse-case-scenario birth stories!? A clever t-shirt is the best revenge.


Remember that all our tees are 100% cotton, comfortably cut, and come in sizes up to 4X! Please visit our store at www(dot)evilgeniustees(dot)com and have fun!

Monday, July 3, 2006

Proud member of the Evil Genius Party!

Sweet Mother of Stan Lee, do we ever have a ton of new shirts and mugs and bumper stickers in the store!

Since we have so so much stuff we'll break it up into different blog entries for ya!

FIRST - in preparation for the 2008 election for president - we present the Evil Genius Party and all the T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and buttons you need to show your support for the newest political party: the Evil Genius Party! Go to www(dot)evilgeniusparty(dot)org and check it!

Now on to the NEW designs:

Starting off with politics, this is our basic Evil Genius in 2008 design. This comes on our v. cool bumper sticker as well!

'Vote Evil Genius in 2008' t-shirt. Also on the bumper sticker, grey tee, and our baby doll tee for the ladies!


For the Evil Genius who's fed up with the current administration or the slack-twisted candidates up for election:

'A Genius for a change' mug . Also on our comfy, 100% cotton tees!


And our best-selling official logo shirt:

Evil Genius Party: taking over the world one evil plot at a time! Perfect gift for anyone dreading the upcoming 2008 presidential election or just sick of the president, the campaign, or politics in general! Become an Evil Genius Party supporter!


And our retro, vintage - look bumpersticker design: This comes on a mug and a grey t-shirt as well! Impress your friends! Makes a v. cool gift as well.


And last but not least, a little comic book geek slash political stuff, here right before the Fourth of July!

Superman. An AMERICAN creation and an AMERICAN icon. Desperately PC Hollywood doesn't care ...

Superman is a patriot! Show your disappointment and wear our "...And the American Way!" t-shirt today. Great for anybody who wants to show his patriotism any time of the year! Available on several styles of mens and ladies t-shirts, plus mugs, and stickers!