Tuesday, September 4, 2007

El Chupacabra!

Mexican goatsuckers!

Well, yeah, we have Chupacabra t-shirts! Along with Cthulhu, Zombies, and the Kraken, El Chupacabra is one of our most beloved monsters / creatures over at Evil Genius Tees!

Our bestseller; a funny, hip t-shirt take on the fabled goatsucker: El Chupacabra - sucking goats so you don't have to!

A more serious version; chupacabra standing with a goats skull in his hand on this tee. I believe!
And another funny t-shirt - this one makes me laugh out loud! - scattered goat hoofprints and Aaaahhh, chupacabra!

And don't forget the presidential elections in 2008! Wouldn't you love to see a creepy creature in office? Oh, wait ...

Available in Spanish and English! Get your Chupacabra on over at Evil Genius Tees!