Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July! Happy birthday, America!


If you love patriotic holidays as much as I do and you found yourself without a really cool USA t-shirt today then you seriously need to check out some of our stuff for next year! Don't get caught without again!

Also, our pro America / patriotic items make super gifts for military families, veterans, and other proud Americans ANY day of the year.

Here's our Freedom t-shirt with our vintage distressed flag. Check out that retro, old-timey feel text! Makes a great gift.

Here's another distressed or well-worn / well-washed patriotic shirt with Proud American on it. We also have a Proud American tee with our vintage flag pictured on the t-shirt above.

One of my favorites is this Just the American Flag t-shirt. No words, just a close up of the gorgeous flag of the united states. I love America!

Here's that same patriotic flag on our framed tile. A great gift for a veteran or someone in the armed services.

Another cute t-shirt gift idea, here - our All American Girl shirt. Comes in All American Boy, and All American Baby versions, too!

All of our patriotic designs come on a huge variety of shirts in many colors and sizes! Jr jersey t-shirts, spaghetti strap tees, baby onesies, toddler t-shirts, maternity clothes, and plus sizes, too!
Patriotic holidays for these gift giving ideas: Fourth of July (Independence Day), Flag Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day.
We at Evil Genius Tees hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, and SAFE July 4th!