Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two new Paleo, primal, caveman, ancestral diet / lifestyle t-shirts!

If you are a devote of the Paleolithic lifestyle or diet or you like to live primally, like a caveman, like our ancestors, then you'll love these two new tees from Evil Genius:

primal t-shirt, paleo t-shirt, ancestral, caveman, primitive. Live primal.
Live primal. A bold, simple statement and a super gift for any person enjoying the primitive, primal or Paleo lifestyle!

WWGD? What would Grok do? Paleo, primal, ancestral, caveman t-shirt.
I love this shirt. What would Grok do?  Well, he'd eat more fatty meat and move his arse more than we do!
Grok is most Paleo / primal  folks's litmus test for how to live our lives.  Would Grok have worn 6 inch heels?  Would Grok have eaten pizza?  Would Grok have sat on his hairy backside in front of reality TV?
WWGD?  What would GROK do?

Also comes with the cave painting in color on our light t-shirts, on our maternity shirts, and in sizes to fit any caveperson from babies to plus sizes!

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And, of course, ALL of our great tees at Evil Genius Tees.

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