Monday, April 12, 2010

Silly, funny t-shirts make great gifts!

Funny t-shirts are the best. They make super gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, or Mother's Day.

Here at Evil Genius Tees, we have silly, irreverant, weird, and funny t-shirts and gifts for EVERY holiday!  St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Valentines Day ... you name it.

Here are a few of our general don't-into-any-category funny t-shirts:

sublime funny t-shirt, glass of water and a lime
Silly humorous play on words: Sublime, featuring a glass of water and a lime.  It takes some people a second to get this. Watching their faces is priceless.

The stampede has been cancelled. Western, buffalo, mothers, teachers, funny tee
One of Mr Evil Genius's ideas, this tee featuring a buffalo and cool vector graphic design art 'dust', is captioned The Stampede Has Been Cancelled. Perfect gift for harried moms, and excellent for teachers (Mr EG teaches middle school), this funny tee is also a good gift for anyone who has family or friend who tend to the dramatic.  Settle down, the stampede has been cancelled!  Animal lovers and fans of the wild west like this one, too.

pointless, pencil with two erasers. Funny, silly, play on words.
Another play on words that makes people pause: Pointless and a pencil with two erasers. Great for dress down fridays if you hate your job, endless meetings, and especially good for teens or students of any age with attitude who can't understand why they're wasting their time with this course. Hey, perhaps the teacher or professor needs one too!

So, if homorous, funny tees are your thing, then we have the shirt for you here at Evil Genius! Browse our humor section for more funny t-shirts and humorous gifts.

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