Sunday, June 18, 2006

New T-shirts June 19th

Here's the latest offering of T-shirts and gifts from Evil Genius Comics Online Stores:

From Evil Genius Tees, two new babywear items:

Sleep is for the WEAK! The rallying cry of the newborn! A great gift for any new mom or new dad of your acquaintance. GREAT baby shower gift! Also comes on one of our generous sized mugs for any adult night owls.

And for the budding Evil Genius baby:

Working on my First Evil Plot! Also available in the toddler tee, the bib, and on a coffee mug.

Another original design featuring our classic 'tentacled monster' motif - this one for the infant or child:

I'm a CUTE little monster! Who could deny that?

This week's T-shirt just for mom, mommy, mother ... heck, even dad or grandma!

Because I Said So! The definitive parenting shirt.

And finally, a new tee just for the Evil genius, the mad scientist, or the mastermind:

Ask Me About My Evil Plot For World Domination! A great way to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman. Hot chicks grok big brains and even bigger egos!


And our Spotlight Signature shirt for this post: Our famous, original "Don't Give My Mommy Any Dumb Advice" baby onesie!

Our top seller, this original design is available on the onesie/creeper, toddler tee, and baby bib. The ultimate baby shower gift, these items say it all: Mommy is doing just fine!

As always many of our designs are available on mugs and bags and T-shirts come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes up to 4X. Stop by the shop, check us out and ... Have Fun!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

New shirts, June10th

Announcement!! We now have a NEW, short, easy-to-remember URL for the T-shirt shop:

Evil Genius Tees! WWW (dot) EVILGENIUSTEES (dot) COM. Please help us spread the word!

And now, new T-shirts in the Evil Genius Comics Online Store - EvilGeniusTees:


In keeping with our tentacle monster slash cthulhu slash horror thingy that we seem to have going on, LOL:

Everyone has those days. It's just one damned tentacled monster after another! Perfect gift for the overworked and underappreciated cubicle worker.

And speaking of the workplace ... are you just sick of the drama? Tired of the spite and snarky attitudes? Here's the Dress Down Friday shirt for you:

Less drama ... more funny!

And we have several new shirts for moms:

I make milk, what's YOUR superpower? Great gift for the breastfeeding mom, of course, or an attitude packed shirt for ANY female.

And here's a few tees for the Large Family whether quiverfull or just planning a lot of little ones. Show the world how proud you are of your big family!

I (heart) my large family! Those words say it all!

Another Large Family / quiverful shirt and one with attitude:

Tired of that idiot comment? ("are all these yours?!") Well, here's your comeback shot! Yes, all these kids are MINE!

And another rude question: "You're pregnant AGAIN?"

Yes, we know what causes it. Yes, we have a television. Jeez, can't they come up with anything better?

And for the thrifty mom kickin' it old style:

Obviously a great gift idea for any breastfeeding, cloth diapering, home cooking, mother, LOL!

And finally for those days when people just can't seem to stay out of your face:

It's clearly 'be rude to pregnant women day'!

OK, that's all I have for you today, loves. Remember that many of our designs come on babywear as well, in addition to bags, mugs, and several styles and colours of shirts in sizes up to 4x!! Go browse the store and ... have fun!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

New Tees, plus some for Father's Day!

Here's a few new T-shirts in the Evil Genius Store including a few that would make perfect gifts for Father's Day! Click on the picture or the link to get more details!

For the Evil Genius in your life:

Makes a GREAT Daddy's Day surprise!

And every Goth Baby needs one of these:

In newborn sizes up to toddler T-shirts!

For the Evil Genius Dad:

Know anyone who has his own little clone army?!

And for that proud new dad:

What can you say? His swimmers got the job done!! Great for some who've struggled with infertility!

And for parents of twins:

Twins and multiples are a challenge. Anyone who has them should be admired!

Do you have a pistol of a little girl? Is your daughter a real spitfire? get her this shirt:
Just don't call her princess!

Don't forget Father's Day on June 18th! Beat the rush, buy Dad's gift NOW!

Check us out at the Evil Genius Online Store