Friday, July 31, 2009

More Evil Genius Steampunk, yay!

Well, here we are on our new blog, (everybody find a seat and get comfy, drinks will be 'round soon!) where we plan on combining all things artsy-fartsy, crafty, and designy!

Here's our newest passion: steampunk!

Steampunk is the juxtaposition of modern inventions in an earlier time. Think Jules Verne or H. G. Wells.  Remember Wild Wild West? That's steampunk.  I blogged more on steampunk -vs- dieselpunk over on The Thrifty Mom Blog.
Here's our Steampunk Space Gal steampunk t-shirt complete with retro horsewoman, space helmet, raygun, and steam train. Watch gears form the unique backdrop.
Many more styles, colours and products with our steampunk space horse woman here!

And for a bit of a darker look for H. P. lovecraft, Cthulhu , horror fans, our Murder in Dunwich Cthulhu Horror Steampunk with pocket watch, bloody handprint, skull, and coiling green tentacles.

And our newest steampunk effort is our 1940s WWII Noir Pulp Hardboiled Dame Steampunk with her robotic arm.  This glamour gal strikes a pin-up pose against a rotary Corsair engine and various graphic design elements in this Tech Noir pulp magazine cover steampunk homage.

Oodles of shirt styles and colours with the Tech Noir hardboiled dame here!

And if you're an environmentally concious consumer who wants to go green and help protect the earth then check out our newest fullfillment service, Skreened, and their ethically made apparel. Our steampunk dame on the organic t-shirt:

Sexy!  If you don't see the style or color or product that you like at one place, then do click on another. We have many fulfillment services to give you the widest possible variety of items, so go ahead, be choosy!  We would be!


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