Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We here at Evil Genius Tees are pleased to announce that we, amoeba-like, have split into TWO STORES!

We have a new CafePress URL (www.cafepress.com/evilgeniustees) that will house all of our Evil Genius wear, our Geek Gifts, and our weird, strange, and just funny stuff! Meanwhile we'll retain the original URL at CafePress: (www.cafepress.com/evilgeniusstore) for our NEW shop Evil Genius Woman whiach keeps all of the T-shirts and gifts geared toward women with attitude: infertility tees, pregnancy tees, adoption, multiples, large family, motherhood, along with our new Cancer Awareness and Goddess sections.

Please stop by and check us out.

Now, down to the fun stuff ...

Today is September 19th and it's international Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrr! Take a second to have a swagger around our Pirate Section of Evil Genius Comics, T-shirts & Gifts and stock up on any and all pirate stuff for scalliwags, libertines, wild wenches and baby buccaneers! These make great Hallowe'en things and perfect Christmas / Chanukah / Yule presents as well. Feast yer eyes on these, me hearties:

Also in black and chestnut and in a Jr babydoll tee, white, and ash grey regular tee.

Also in pink and baby blue and available on bibs and onesies!

Please come visit us today, we'd love to have you. In the meantime: sail safe ye scurvy swabs! Arrr!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yowee! New product colours!

Have we got some cool new stuff at Evil Genius Comics, T-shirts and gifts!

Our formerly black t-shirts now come in a deep, gorgeous red ('cardinal') along with the basic black, just pick the colour you want as you check out:

They are grouped together as 'dark' tees and we hope to get more coulors (like navy blue) soon!

Our baby onesies and toddler tees now come in white, pink, and blue! Again, just click the colour you want when checking out. You can even see how each shade looks on the item dynamically -- by just mousing over the image.

Our babywear has change brands now to Hanes, a trusted name in clothing and have a classic look: 3 snap crotch on the onesies and large neck opening. The baby tee pictured is the 6 month old size. Our toddler t shirts, also by Hanes, will be proportionally longer, of course.

We have a tonne of new designs and we have opened a NEW section to put the newest ones in. Here's a few to get your started:

Don't forget our shirts are 100% cotton Hanes t-shirts and come in sizes up to 4X! We meet the needs of the Evil Genius, the geek, the nerd, the freak, and the tentacled monster lover! We have tees for pregnancy, maternity, baby, mothers, dads, moms, and more! Large family, adopting, foreign adoption, infertility, etc!

Please check up out at Evil Genius Tees (dot) com!