Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back on track!

Ugh! Holy cow I've not been great about updating here at Evil Genius Comics, T-shirts & Gifts, have I?

Well, I have an idea ...

From now on what I shall do is do a 'spotlight on' post where I highlight two of our shop sections (I'll try to pick two dissimilar ones just to spice things up). That's it. No more, no less, unless there's really something earth-shattering, lol.

Sound good?


From our new Evil Genius Blue store:

Our brand new section devoted to teachers and education is open!
Here's our Grammar Police badge design:

Are you a stickler for the language? Do you shamelessly correct people? Flinch at misspelled signs and grammatical errors in newspapers? This is the design for YOU!
Here it is close up (this is on our tile coaster - nifty!):

And our Honor Teachers design (also on t-shirts):
And one of my faves, our Living for Summer Vacation design:

From Evil Genius Tees:

The obligatory Cthulhu homage - Eat, sleep, worship Cthulhu!
No post would be complete without an Evil Genius shirt:

Please remember that all of our designs are available on a plethora of items; mousepads, mugs, hats, stickers, buttons, and, of course, tees. Our t-shirts come in men's and women's, in a huge variety of colours and sizes (including plus sized women's shirts and onesies, toddler tees, bibs, and kid's shirts!