Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just plain funny t-shirts

Get started now on your Christmas holiday shopping with Evil Genius Tees own funny t-shirts.

Our homor is odd, weird, and downright strange sometimes and we might be just the teeniest bit fond of puns, but check out our funny t-shirts here.

here are a few examples:

Yellow and black warning sign, bad day, stand clear funny t-shirt
Bad day in progress, stand clear joke warning sign funny t-shirt. With diamond shaped yellow sign.

American bison / buffalo, dust and the stampede has been cancelled. Weird humor
Based on a random comment by Mr Evil Genius and brought to a funny t-shirt near you by Mrs Evil Genius; the Stampede has been Cancelled  with American bison / buffalo and cool vector dust cloud. Humorous, weird, and off-beat funny t-shirt.

Sarcastic comment loading, and Evil Genius Tees original, with progress bar. Funny, geeky, nerdy tees
This is one of my very favorite funny tees: Sarcastic comment loading with computer website style progress bar.

So check out our humorous tees; they make great gifts!  Evil Genius Tees' funny t-shirts!

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