Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Steampunk t-shirts and gifts at Evil Genius!

One of the things we dearly love over here at Evil Genius Tees is Steampunk and Dieselpunk.

Steampunk heart, rivets, steam, victoriana, ephemera, vintage, retro
Steampunk heart, rusted riveted steel heart with steam and vintage victoriana ephemera
Steampunk works are usually based on a science fictionfantasy past where steam power is used - often the Victorian era - but with cool technology. Think of the works of Jules Vern and H. G. Wells or the old television show Wild Wild West.

peace, love, steampunk, simple light hearted steampunk design
Peace, love, steampunk - a simple, lighthearted design for fans of steampunk

Dieselpunk is similar but set in a dystopian future (think of Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys or Brazil)

dieselpunk, steampunk tech noir pulp detective magazine sexy dame WWII
Retro 40s era style dieselpunk - sexy tech noir dame straight out of a pulp detective magazine
with robotic arm and Corsair rotary engine behind. Super for World War II fans!

Steampunk, dieselpunk, and cyberpunk gifts are hard to find and often pretty pricey. Our orignal designs on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tiles, and more make super gifts!

So if you love steampunk or dieselpunk as much as we do, then Evil Genius Tees is your place for Steampunk t-shirts and gifts!

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