Sunday, August 3, 2008

Slight change in format

Back to school time soon and several of the Evil Genius Brood will be returning/starting, including Mr Evil Genius, who teaches middle school English.

We have loads of great gifts for teachers, plus back to school stuff.

So keep an eye out for new school related items!

Meanwhile, we will be changing the format here just a tad. In light of our recently being featured in Parents Magazine, we will be letting this blog fulfill the needs of our Evil Genius Woman store - mostly funny pregnancy t-shirts, maternity tees, rude baby clothes, infertility sucks shirts, adoption gifts, breastfeeding, father's day / new dad, large family, teachers, etc.

The other, more general items will be highlighted on our NEW blog for Evil Genius Tees. Speaking of Evil Geniuses, check out our newly re-worked original Evil Genius Fish:

Flying fish! An homage to the classic Darwin Fish (which is a parody of the ichthys symbol or 'jesus fish'), he sports his old cool geeky glasses, plus dangling feet and neato jet pack! Show off your Evil Genius as the pinnacle of evolution with the improved Evil Genius Fish design on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, etc. We also offer it on our new InfiniStitch Embroidered items, many of which now come in more colors!

Check it all out at Evil Genius Tees and Evil Genius Woman and don't forget to keep an eye on the new blog for updates on non-mommy / baby / parenting things.

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