Saturday, May 17, 2008

More new products at Evil Genius Tees!

We have embroidery and pet bowls! w00t!

Check it out:

Infinistitch Embroidery - exclusive to Evil Genius Tees's fullfillment service, CafePress
- is a wonderful new way to get embroidery FAST and INEXPENSIVELY. There is NO set up or 'short run' costs to you. AND its huge choice of colors are dyed into the thread and embroidered directly onto each item for lasting quality.

We have fabulous, hot new black nylon jackets, with zippered pockets and a light fleece lining; rugged, stylish denim shirts; and hip, comfortable stonewashed caps!

Because of the unique requirements of embroidery, not many of our existing designs 'work' with the new process so we have limited embroidered designs available. BUT, we are hard at work creating original, exclusive designs JUST for the embroidered stuff. Cool!

Here's a few things so far:

Our tentacles from the pit design, great for Cthulhu / Lovecraft followers, Kraken / pirate fans, or monster lovers in general. Especially funny on our maternity tee! This is it on our new stonewashed cap.

Our original Cathulhu (say "CAT thoo loo") is perfect for Cthulhu fans who happen to be owned by a cat.

Speaking of yr kitteh, i can has cathulhu dish for nom nom?

Yes, we now offer sturdy stoneware pet bowls in two sizes - 40 oz and 26 oz for any sized appetite or thirst.

This is our Earthtone Cats design on the new bowls. perfect for any cat lover, either as a cat dish or snack bowl or even a cereal bowl for mom or dad.

Keep checking back by for more and more of these new products at Evil Genius Tees.