Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vampire t-shirts, bloody good tees!

Any blood-sucker fans out there?  Twilight followers?  Or old school, classic fans of the undeadVampire lovers, one and all!

Evil Genius Tees has plenty of Vampire t-shirts for your every fanged need.

Here are three sexy, artsy vector graphic designs:

Sexy splatter vampire, wild hair, bloody lips, pretty, hot female vampire
Our sexy splatter vampire with wild hair and bloody lips.

Cool blue vampire, bloody kill, beautiful, sexy
Another beautiful, sexy vampiress. Our cool blue vampire just rising from a kill, the blood dripping from her lips.  Gorgeous!

Black and white with blood stained lips, famgs, sexy grunge vampire t-shirt
Our latest offering, this design is monochrome except for bloody red lips that part to reveal vampire fangs!  Vampire mouth, sexy grunge vampire t-shirt.

And we can't forget the fans of the Twilight books and movies:

Twilight books, twilight movie, twilight t-shirts, vampire t-shirts

A nice, dark, moody Twilight vampire design, we think. A lot better than some of the twee, cutesy ones we've seen. Very Evil Genius, doncha think?

Here are all of our creature, cryptid, monster t-shirts at Evil Genius Tees for further perusal. We honor Cthulhu, zombies, El Chupacabra, vampires, werewolves, and more!

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