Friday, July 7, 2006

New shirts in the store! July 7th

Welcome to the July 7th update here at Evil Genius Comics -T-shirts & Gifts!

We have a whole new line of babywear featuring this guy:

Our Rude Li'l Dude! He has an attitude and he knows how to use it! By the way, this is a redesign of our most popular product: our original, famous "Don't give my mommy any dumb advice, she's doing just fine!" design. Old, classic design here.

We have bibs, onesies, toddler tees in every Rude Li'l Dude design!

"It's not gas. I just want you to go away!" The baby had 'tude!

"If you're not here to change my diaper, then you're wasting my time!"

"Why you all up in my grill?" Perfect for those strangers who shove their faces into your baby's face at the grocery store!

"You don't have my boobies!" Great for all breastfeeder mom, mommy, mothers or anyone who's pro breastfeeding. Your La Leche League lactation consultant will LOVE it!


And now for some sassy, snarky tees for women. Pregnancy tees, adoption tees, infertility tees!

Our new NO THANKS tees: Each features the international symbol of the red circle with the line through it:

No fertility advice!

"EPO, green tea, hips elevated, just relax. Got it. Thanks." A tongue in cheek response to all the stupid advice.

No Adoption Horror stories!

"I've met my quota of them, thanks" Perfect gift for adopting parents who've heard every idiot story out there mostly from folks who have never adopted!

No Delivery Horror Stories!

"I've met my quota for this pregnancy, thanks!"
What posseses women to relate horrible, bloody, worse-case-scenario birth stories!? A clever t-shirt is the best revenge.


Remember that all our tees are 100% cotton, comfortably cut, and come in sizes up to 4X! Please visit our store at www(dot)evilgeniustees(dot)com and have fun!


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