Thursday, June 1, 2006

New Tees, plus some for Father's Day!

Here's a few new T-shirts in the Evil Genius Store including a few that would make perfect gifts for Father's Day! Click on the picture or the link to get more details!

For the Evil Genius in your life:

Makes a GREAT Daddy's Day surprise!

And every Goth Baby needs one of these:

In newborn sizes up to toddler T-shirts!

For the Evil Genius Dad:

Know anyone who has his own little clone army?!

And for that proud new dad:

What can you say? His swimmers got the job done!! Great for some who've struggled with infertility!

And for parents of twins:

Twins and multiples are a challenge. Anyone who has them should be admired!

Do you have a pistol of a little girl? Is your daughter a real spitfire? get her this shirt:
Just don't call her princess!

Don't forget Father's Day on June 18th! Beat the rush, buy Dad's gift NOW!

Check us out at the Evil Genius Online Store


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