Saturday, May 20, 2006

New shirts in the store! May 20

Click on picture to order!

Pink also available in Ash Grey. Sizes up to 3x!

To go straight to the storefront and see all Tees, click here!


Ever had that nosy busy-body get in your face and ask: "So, do you work?"

Honey, these kids aren't raising themselves! Order now, also in ash grey.

Every mother has felt this before:

Order the Amused or Frightened Tee.

You're a highly educated Freak of Nature:

(Freak of Nature in Latin with translation underneath) Order now!


And some new items for inhabitants of the Blogosphere:

I'm a mother, I'm a blogger, I'm a Mommy Blogger and proud of it:

Order the Mommy Blogger tee.

Go ahead and warn them:

Order the Blog About Tee.

And for those annonymous commentors who like to tell you what you can and cannot say on you own blog:

Order Don't Like it or My Rules Tee


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