Sunday, November 5, 2006

Eeee! More new products!

I swear, it's like chirstmas early here at Evil Genius Tees!

We've got NINE, count 'em nine new products available in the store:

NEW shirt colours: Olive drab, navy, and brown, and
NEW shirt styles: women's dark shirts and men's and women's long-sleeve dark shirts!

Cool beans!


Here's some new designs plus some of the new products:

Our newest character design: Cathulhu! Pronounced "cat-thooloo" it's a perfect gift for any cat lover or Cthulhu fan! Lovecraft readers and anyone into the mythos will appreciate our cute green Old Cat God.

Here's Cathulhu on our baby onesie. Remember all of our baby onesies and tees come in BLUE, PINK, and WHITE now! Take your choice. Catthulhu also comes on mugs, tote bags, BBQ aprons, coasters, tiles, cards and more!


Here's one of our Pluto designs on the new men's long-sleeved black tee.

Our Vintage Comic Geek design on the women's long-sleeved t-shirt in brown.

Our new Urban Legend on the red shirt:

And the navy blue tee with I Have Issues! in a speech bubble for comic book fans:


And some new creations just for baby! These are great baby shower gifts, sure to warm the hip new mom's heart.

Another Cthulhu design, Baby 'thulhu! Awww ... cute little old god.

I just spent nine months on the inside!

And AB/CD! Rock on! Great educational tee as well as just plain cool for fans of classic hard rock.

Please check us out at Evil Genius Comics-T-shirts and Gifts or Evil Genius Woman - cool shirts for women with attitude.


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